Pinterest Releases Report on Beauty Trends and Opportunities for Brands

​Pinterest has been ramping up its eCommerce push of late, introducing a range of new on-platform functionalitiesand advertising tools to boost its viability as an online marketplace. And this week they’ve released a report which further underlines the potential for brands via Pin.

As their first ever trend report for business, Pinterest has focused on one of the key areas of interest for Pinners – the beauty sector.

According to the report:

“Pinterest is the largest beauty platform in the world, with more than 38.5 million unique viewers of hair and beauty content. People are looking to experts for everything from the latest products to try, to tips and tutorials for everyday looks and special occasions.”

That’s a pretty bold claim, but the numbers do back this up – Pinterest looked at the last year’s worth of data (from January to December 2015) to provide an overview of stats and trends from this sector.

If you’re looking to market beauty products, you need to check this report out.

Here are some of the highlights.

Brands Welcome

Pinterest has previously reported that 75% of all saved Pins come from businesses. Which is impressive, but what exactly that means – ‘saved Pins’ is not Pins overall – is a little unclear. Pinterest clarifies this in the report:

“Commercial content on other platforms tends to feel disruptive or fleeting. But on Pinterest, 75% of content comes from businesses-people actively seek out ideas from brands, so it’s easy to influence both browsers and shoppers.”

You pair that with Pinterest’s 100 million monthly active users and the 93% of Pinners who say they use the platform to plan for purchases and that’s a huge amount of buying potential. And while 100 million is no where near the 1.65 billion MAU of Facebook, Pinterest’s audience is clearly more focused on eCommerce and shopping, an aspect that cannot be ignored in assessing the platform’s potential.

Underlining this, Pinterest also notes that people are 2.1x more likely to buy your products in store if they’ve seen your products on Pinterest.


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