Thai Life Insurance Ad Celebrates Beauty of Life

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes — every once in a while — advertising is awesome. Awesome in ways that make you jump for joy. Awesome in ways that make you angry. Awesome in ways that make you cry. But most of all, awesome in ways that give you hope there is, well, hope for the human race.

About a year ago, Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok created a three minute video for Thai Life Insurance. The video told the story of a girl and her deaf mute father. It’s hard enough for a teenager to get along with a parent even when they are “normal” but add in any notion of “different” and you have a challenging situation on your hands.

A year later, Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok is back with another three-minute epic entitled “Unsung Hero.” In the video, now approaching 2.5 million views, we see a man who, by his very nature, can’t help but do good every day. He moves a plant so the rain will help it grow. He helps a woman roll her food cart onto the sidewalk. He feeds a homeless dog. He delivers bananas to an elderly shut in. He gives money to a homeless mother and daughter.

And he does all of this while others look on with disapproval. He doesn’t do it for fame. He doesn’t do it to become wealthier. But his actions do matter as we see towards the end of this tear jerker which gives us hope little actions can have big and very meaningful results.

And in doing so he receives what money can’t buy. Happiness. Friendship. Appreciation. Understanding. Love. Beauty. And he inspires others to give as he gave.

And this from a life insurance company which asks, “And in your life, what is it that you desire most?” It really makes one think about what truly matters during out time on this earth.

Yes, life insurance is about money but this work makes you think about the importance of life and that the things you do in your life, however small, do matter. To you and to others.

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