Have a Dusky Complexion? 4 Beauty Hacks That Can Make You Look Like Goddess

Who isn`t aware of the world`s obsession with fair skin tones? From various ads promoting infinite fairness creams to cosmetics, every brand infuses a sense-of-necessity in every woman to be fair in order to look beautiful. But thanks to various Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Sayani Gupta, Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra, our country is finally getting over the euphoria of fair complexions.


Not only they have stunned the world with their godly looks and unmatched style, they also gave out a loud message that ‘the beauty is not all about the skin tone”. They own their beautiful dusky skin with oomph and so can you with personal grooming tips and right technique of doing make-up.

If you are someone who is constantly being told about which color of clothes to wear or which shade of lipstick you must NOT wear because you have dark skin, then this blog is for you.

All you have to do is believe that you are beautiful and follow beauty tips for women that are actually made for dusky skin tones. Check them out below:

Glow- From Inside, Out!

The best feature in our body is our skin, which most of the Indian women cover up with a wrongly chosen foundation or compact. Our skin tone varies, so does the shades of foundation and compact. Instead of picking up a shade lighter, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Moisturize your skin well and give it an all dewy look with illuminators, to don a bright and natural glow.


Make Reds Your best Friend

A friend in a need is a friend indeed! And if you have a dark skin complexion, Red lipsticks can prove to be your best bet. If you have kept an arms distance with Red lipsticks because of your dark skin tone, allow us to tell you that a matte and pigmented red lipstick is a perfect match, made in heaven. A fail-proof beauty tip for women that never goes out of style.


Use the Magic of Blue Eyes

No, we don`t mean contact lenses but eyes smeared in beautiful shade of blue. This idea might sound too edgy for some, but trust us on this. The ancient Egyptians have demonstrated beautifully their gorgeous blue eye-shadows that pops up against brown skin. Hence, peacock blue and teal blues, look great on dusky hued complexion.


For that Bronze Look!

The last thing that can make a huge difference by enhancing the dusky skin tone is a bronzer. A bronzer not only flattens the foundation by sculpting the face in a more natural way, but it also highlights the cheekbones. It. So follow our beauty tips for women and flaunt those cheekbones to look drop-dead gorgeous.


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