11 best truffle products

Elevate a humble pasta dish or simple risotto with

Notoriously expensive, truffle-infused products are a much more accessible way to incorporate that umami flavour into everyday dishes if you can’t afford or find the real thing.

Traditionally sourced by pigs, nowadays truffle hunters go out into the countryside with their trusty canine companions who are happy to give up the treasure in return for a more dog friendly treat.

here are two main types of truffle, white and black: the first primarily comes from Northern Italy, while the latter is often found in France.

White truffle is considered the more premium of the two and gives off a more intoxicating smell. However, the black variety can actually be more suitable for cooking for this very reason so there’s no need to discount.

These truffle-infused products can be used on everything from corn on the cob to barbecued meats, Sunday roasts to risottos.

Elevating humble meals you’ve cooked a million times before, into something extra special. With such a rich, pungent flavour profile, the smallest amount makes a big difference, so no need to save for best.

The Carluccio’s larder is full of Italian treats, but we were drawn to this luxury risotto rice, with truffle shavings and dried porcini.

Make the risotto in the usual way, with a glass of white wine if you have a bottle to hand and finish with a knob of butter alongside a generous shaving of parmesan. Restaurant-worthy Italian comfort food at its best.


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