Review: Dragonfly Makes An Impressive Landing At Delhi’s Newest Culinary

Dragonfly offers an array of amazing 

Aerocity is fast emerging as one of the best dining places for true-blue gourmands in the capital city of Delhi and the neighbouring National Capital Region (NCR). Food lovers looking for more authentic experiences are flocking to the numerous restaurants, cafes and restobars in the Worldmark Towers and the surrounding five-star properties in Aerocity. Countless new places in Aerocity have become the talk of the town for offering exciting opportunities to enjoy the finest quality of foods and drinks. From fine dining spaces to Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Aerocity has them all and it is truly a delightful hotspot for those who take their food very seriously. It thus made sense for a seasoned restaurateur like Priyank Sukhija to choose Aerocity for opening his latest lounge cum fine dining restaurant – Dragonfly – in collaboration with Bollywood rapper Badshah.

Ambiance And Décor: Opulence Personified

The plush interiors of Dragonfly perfectly echo the flamboyant persona of its owners. The bug-themed décor of the ginormous 10,000 square feet space is refreshingly stunning. The high-ceilinged space is covered with luxurious marble table tops and high chairs. There’s a bar covering the entire one side of the ground floor seating area, while the other side is the DJ console area, behind which is a wall dedicated to bug anatomy in kaleidoscopic colours. The decorators and designers have been meticulous in making the theme of the restaurant reflect in everything, from ornaments hanging from the ceiling to the cutlery and even the bathroom fittings! One has the feeling of sitting inside a rather lavish, opulent and comfortable insect nest that is dedicated to high-energy gatherings and revelry


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