6 Great Investment Schemes for Beginners in India!

Saving can help you in the long run and investing even in very small amounts can reap big rewards. If you wish to start investing, take a step back and research well! You need to identify the right asset, evaluate whether it is in line with your personal goals because let`s just face the truth- Investing isn`t easy!


If you are a novice and looking for some bright investment tips for beginners, we bring you the good investment ideas to make it easier for you:

Public Provident Fund or PPF

If you are looking for a long term investment option with good return, a public provident fund is the safest option for you. When you open an account your money get locked for a period of 15 years on which you earn compound interest. The best thing about investing your money into PPF is that you aren`t required to pay tax on the interest you earn from PPF. You can withdraw the money only after completion of 6 years.

Equity Shares

If you are ready to take risks, then investing in equity share is another option for you. According to a data, the higher the risks, the higher returns you will get as the risk is directly proportional to the returns. The shares are expressed in terms of face value and market value.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are another long term good investment idea which is highly popular too.



One of the oldest investment options, which also happens to be the safest, Gold has historically been a very popular asset. The reason is simple- its consistently increasing price over time. There are various schemes in market through which you can invest in gold- like gold deposit scheme, gold bars, gold ETF and gold mutual funds.

Post Office Schemes

If you want to first begin with short term investment plan, consider post office schemes. The best investment plan for the beginners is the monthly investment schemes provided by Indian Postal Services are the monthly income scheme.


Company Fixed Deposits

Bank Fixed Deposits do not offer a higher return, but a different kind of fixed deposit which is called a company fixed deposit offers the same model but with higher returns.

So before investing your hard-earned money, analyze every scheme well before selecting the investment scheme. To know more about the best policies, visit

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