6 Effective Hacks to Tame the Frizzy Hair This Monsoon

Who doesn`t love to show off their healthy tresses every day? But come monsoon and most of the women start facing the unruly problem of frizzy hair.


If the high level of humidity is taking your case too, here are 6 efficient beauty tips for women to tame that difficult frizz:

1.Rinse with Cold Water

And by cold, we do not mean you accepting the infamous ‘ice bucket challenge’. We certainly don`t want you to fall ill. While taking a shower, ensure that the last rinse for your hair is by normal or cold water. While warm water relaxes the muscle, cold water seal cuticles, pores and minimizes frizz.


2. Go Alcohol & Para-ben Free

Your choice of hair-care products will reflect upon your hair`s health. Thus, while picking a hair-product; one needs to read more about the ingredients than just the expiration date on the package. Pick a product that is free from sulfate, alcohol, and chemicals.

3. Dry Hair Naturally

Your hair are the most vulnerable when they are wet. Therefore, always try to dry your hair in the natural surroundings. Do not rub your locks roughly as it will cause more hair damage and hair-fall and also with a messy mane. This beauty tip for women will gently pat your hair post a shower as it will help lock your natural moisture intact.


4. Hot Oil Massage

A good oil massage is bliss for hair- especially damaged hair. Opt for pure oils like coconut, almond or olive oil that are pure and free from nay perfumes or preservatives. Give your hair deep conditioning treatment, once a month in addition to tame the frizz.


6. Keep the Blow Dryer at Bay

Many women have made blow-drying their hair an integral part of personal grooming, but this tip can surely wreak havoc on your tresses. While it is quite okay to use blow-dryer once in a while, using it too often will damage your hair, especially during the monsoon. So try to dry your naturally and help them keep frizz-free.


Where monsoon can quench the thirst of drylands and trees, hair, on the other hand, might face the not-so-pretty effect. So follow these hacks and look gorgeous this monsoon.

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