5 Things To Remember before Travelling To Himachal Pradesh in India!

For those who are seeking little adventure into natural surroundings, Himachal Pradesh in the north of India is the perfect destination. Not only beautiful and serene, but the state is also located in the lap of the Himalayas which is the main reason behind its popularity.

Travel Planning Guide

Away from the cacophony of busy Indian cities, the snowy mountains and deep river valleys of the state have the power to infuse an air of freshness into anyone. Here is a useful travel planning guide for a perfect trip:

Get Official Permits

First thing first! While most places in Himachal Pradesh do not require a Protected Area Permit (PAP), regions like Spiti Valley will require you to get one. The valley is located close to the Indo-China border, thus, you may require permits from Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Kaza, Rampur and Rekong Peo. You will need to submit three passport size photographs and a copy of your passport along with a detailed itinerary. The permit allows you to stay for two weeks.

Travel Planning

Pick a Month

This serene hamlet in the Himalayas is usually preferred as a summer destination by domestic visitors as well as tourists to get respite from scorching heat in most parts of the country. But if you would love to ski or play snowball, winter is the best time to visit this place. Follow our vacation guide to make the most of your trip. For those who love rains can visit Himachal in monsoons as the region looks equally tranquil during and just after the rains.

Vacation Guide

Carry Sturdy Trekking Shoes

Although there are plenty of ways to explore this beautiful Indian state, the best way to discover its beauty is on foot. The diverse terrain offers trails for amateurs as well as professionals. Thus, you can find treks that are easy and challenging. Make sure you pack a pair of trekking shoes even if your travel planning guide doesn`t involve hiking.

Travel Planning Guide

Interact with locals

An ideal way to soak in Himachal in real sense is to interact with locals. Locals here one of the most friendly and hospitable people you will find anywhere in the world. They can help you with travel guides and insights like no one else can.

Carry Cash

The remote areas of Himachal Pradesh make the region utmost special. Untouched by commercial tourism, there are very few ATM machines. Thus, it is best to carry some cash with you all the time. Whenever you exchange money, do so at an authorized foreign exchange outlet or bank.

Himachal can make anyone fall in love with its sanctity, clean air, stunning views, and pleasant weather. Pack your bags and head towards the valley, now! For more information, visit

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