5 Healthy Food Ideas When You Are Traveling!

Traveling is great! Whether it is a road trip with your friends, a long haul journey via train or flying, traveling to a new place can fill anyone with excitement. But one thing that we often toss out of the window in the excitement is food. While it is almost difficult to pack your entire kitchen in your luggage, it is essential to eat healthily.

So if you run out of healthy food ideas a night before your travel dates, here is a list of some crazy and simple food that you can carry while traveling.


Healthy Food Ideas

Whether you are following healthy diet tips or looking for some snack that you can carry along with your cabin-baggage, fruits are the best pick. You can grab any of your favourites before stepping out of the house. Pick fruits like apples and pears that are not easily crushed in your carry-ons.


Healthy Food Idea


Healthy Diet Tips

No list of healthy food ideas is incomplete without including veggies. Veggies sticks are the most convenient way to get some nutrition while travelling. Why? Because they are easy to pack and won`t get crushed in your luggage. Get carrots and snap peas as they require little or no peeling and can also be stored in small slices.


There are plenty of bars out there in the market that are available for the people on-the-go. However, not all bars are created equal and which is why it is essential to pick bars that are infused with natural ingredients and no added sugars. You can also make one at your home with jaggery and nuts.


Healthy Diet

If you are starting early, nothing can beat hard-boiled eggs. It is one of the best travel food tips and perfect for people who are following a healthy diet. They are easy to prepare and have a great balance of protein and fat.

Do not forget to pack these snacks in your bags that are simple and nutritious too! For more healthy food ideas, visit

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