5 Healthy Food Ideas to Help You Sleep Better!

In today`s world of hectic work schedules, disturbed personal relationships and irregular lifestyle that does more harm than good, getting a good night sleep is extremely important.


A well-rested body and mind not only reduce the risk of developing several chronic illnesses but also keep your brain healthy and increase your immune system. But as the working hours are increasing with less physical work and healthy diet, getting couple of hours sleep has become difficult for various people.

Although 7-8 hours of sleep a day is recommended to promote a sound body and mind, people struggle to get even half of it, every night. But worry not; here is few healthy diet tips that will help you doze off and keep you asleep for 8 hours:


An excellent source of nutrients, an ounce of Almond contains 14% phosphorus, 32% manganese and 17% of riboflavin. Eating almonds regularly not only sharpens your memory but also reduces chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart diseases and boost sleep quality.


2. Kiwi

These vitamin C and E rich fruit is a brilliant pre-bed snack. Having two kiwis an hour before hitting the bed may result in you having a full extra hour of sound sleep. Incorporate this fruit with some crazy healthy food ideas to make your pre-bed snack yummier.


3. Soy Foods

Foods that are made with soy such as miso, tofu and edamame are enriched with isoflavones. These compound helps release brain a chemical called ‘Serotonin’ that influences the body`s sleep-wake cycle. According to a report, adults who consume two or more soy servings a day slept longer. Well now that makes for a healthy diet tip as well as an amazing way to escape into deep slumber.


4. Fibre Rich Foods

Food rich in fibres are associated with more restorative slow-wave sleep. The more you eat, the more you increase your chances of better sleep. Fibre prevents blood sugar surges that reduce the level of melatonin. Get a fibre boost from artichokes, Quinoa, beans and bran cereal. This healthy food idea may prove to be really effective.


5. Yogurt

Consuming dairy products not only keeps you healthy but can also boast healthy doses of Calcium which ultimately results in good quality of sleep.


So whether you want to doze your way slim or you just want to get up every morning completely refreshed, try out these healthy food ideas to get that 8-hrs of sleep.

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