5 Health Care Tips to Keep Diabetes at Bay!

As India`s purchasing power has increased courtesy to higher salaries and better infrastructure, a rise in standard of living too has been recorded. But the irregular lifestyle changes that we all have adapted, to earn a six-figure salary, has also given us many health issues. One of the most common of all is –diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition caused by the body`s inability to produce enough insulin. It is striking people in large numbers, and with child obesity rising to an alarming level, it has become more common in youth.


Despite plenty of health care tips available; today, India represents 49% of the world`s diabetes burden, with an estimated 72 million cases reported in 2017. By 2025, the figure is expected to be doubled to 134 million- posing a severe public health challenge. The good news is that pre-diabetes and type II diabetes is preventable by making lifestyle changes.

The key to staying healthy boils down to 5 health care tips for men & women given below:

Keep Your Weight in Check

Obesity is one of the major causes of Type II diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing diabetes by seven-fold. Hence, keeping your body weight in check is something that can reduce your chances to qualify for Diabetes, which is great!


Stay Active

With advanced technology and innovative gadgets, our physical activity has almost stopped. And as much as we all love to ‘Netflix and chill’, the sad truth is that inactivity promotes type II diabetes. Physical activity keeps your muscles flexible and improves their ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. Thus, stick to this health care tip to stay fit, healthy and diabetes-free!


Follow a low-calorie Diet

Consuming junk food that is high in carbs can expose you to the possibility of developing diabetes. Hence, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, as they help to prevent diabetes risk. Replace sugar-sweetened beverages that cause obesity and diabetes with water to stay hydrated.


Get Plenty of Fibre

One more health care tip for men & women to reduce the risk of getting diabetic is to stick to a fiber-rich diet. Fibers are touch, rough but good for your overall health.


Control your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Triglyceride Levels

Diabetes can lead to heart disease, so keep a close eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol. Take medications as prescribed.

Apart from following the above-mentioned health care tips, also take less stress and full 8-hours sleep to keep diabetes at bay! Love reading our tips related to health? Visit, now!

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