5 Health Care Tips to Combat Delhi`s Pollution

Morning walks and regular exercise can benefit health if done in the fresh air. But as the pollution level in Delhi gets worse, health care tips need to be refreshed.

Having won the title of “most polluted city in the world”, Delhi air continues its downward spiral. The government had to declare a public health emergency, as the city has become like a gas chamber.

With residents not learning anything from the past years, the air quality in Delhi deteriorated to the ‘hazardous level’, a day after Diwali. Also, the slow measures taken by the Delhi government, the air quality in Delhi poses serious health risks to all- especially pregnant women, infants, children and people with chronic illnesses. Hence, here are some health tips for men and women that will help you protect yourself from air pollution:

  1. Stay Indoors
Health Care Tips

Unless it is extremely important, stay indoors. Avoid morning walks, outdoor yoga sessions and doing exercise in the morning. As the levels of pollutants are high in the air, it will harm your body extensively by entering into your lungs. You can stick to your work-out sessions inside your home. Follow this health care tip to remain fit.

2. Do not forget to wear a mask

Health Tips for Men and Women

Just like your wallet, keys and smartphone, do not forget to carry and wear masks before stepping out of the house. Doctors suggest, having the right mask is very important, hence buy N99 and N95 masks that are more effective against pollution. Thus, one of the most vital health tips for men and women is to invest in some good pollution masks.

3. Stay Covered

Another health care tip that everywhere must follow to stay covered when leaving the house. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and cover hair with a stole to keep your tresses shiny.

4. Drink More Water

Health Care Tip

According to the founder of GAIA, the health and wellness expert Dolly Kumar, “keeping the body hydrated is more important during this time”. Thus, drink a lot of water, more than you usually do and consume vegetables and fresh juices.

5. Bring Indoor Plants

Health Tips for Men

Go green! Well, if only we would have realized it sooner, the air quality wouldn`t have downgraded to this level. Nonetheless, bringing green plants inside your home will help you improve the quality of air. Spider Plant and Aloe Vera plant will help suck up all the pollutants and will give you a pollution-free environment.

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