3 Healthy Diet Tips for Glowing Skin & Glossy Manes

Nutrition is vital for a healthy mind and body! It negligence means, low metabolism, weight gain and dull skin, hair and vulnerable nails. Glossy hair, glowing skin, and shiny nails is something we all dream about. But if a healthy food dies is something that you don`t follow, no amount of visits to the salon would give you the desired results.

Healthy Diet Tips

The food contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for the growth of your body and regeneration of body tissues and cells. Hence, if you follow a routine that includes healthy diet tips, you can look forever young with wrinkle-free skin and long tresses.

Take these 3 healthy food ideas to incorporate into your daily routine to have strong nails, hair and glowing skin:


Our hair, skin and nails are mostly protein- keratin, collagen and elastin. It not only provides strength to hair cuticles and nails but also helps keep the skin wrinkle-free. You can take protein from chicken, fish, meat, legumes, eggs and dairy foods. Also, one of the most healthy diet tips is that the intake of protein should be limited. As too much protein can gets converted into fat and our body will store it, where you will hate the most.

Healthy Food Ideas

Omega-3/ Omega-6 Fats

If your nails break easily, or you have a patchy, itchy and dry scalp or skin, your body lacks Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. Our body needs fat! Why? Because fats not only provide energy to the body but also help the body to absorb some of the most important vitamins to keep the skin healthy. Omega 3 and Omega-6 are called essential fats because the body can`t produce them, thus you have to eat them. Eating fishes like salmon, sardines, and flaxseed will improve your skin`s texture.


Do you feel tired and low on energy? Well, this could be due to the deficiency of iron in your body. If you are body lacks iron, your skin may become very pale, itchy and hair becomes more brittle, dry and prone to damage. If you love meat, you can incorporate into your diet as it is the best source of Iron. You can find various healthy food ideas to include legumes, spinach, and whole grains too as they are a good source of iron too.

Healthy Diet Tips

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